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Why the ICT passenger information infrastructure indeed in this post Covid era

- Buses are the greenest mode of public transport, but the unfortunate Covid19 pulled down the public transport industry in to a very pathetic situation and the stakeholders and employees behind are in the verge of suicide - Around 90% of public transport schedules are still in uncertainty and the bus passengers are struggling for bus information at the bus stations and the bus stops - Lot of passengers chooses cars and bikes instead of public transports due to the lack of proper passenger information infrastructure - Recent studies indicates that the increased use of private vehicles instead of public transports due to the pandemic led to a boom in traffic - 50% above pre-virus averages - Zero public transport passenger information infrastructure even in this digital era is shame to our Digital India - It clearly figure out the urgent need of some passenger information infrastructure in the post covid era for the rejuvenation  of the public transport industry - Passenger information i