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busparrot Brand Story

Introduction In India, parrot is the symbol of talk, knowledge and prediction. The idea behind the logo and the brand story is a passenger information parrot, helping passengers at the bus stations, bus stops, buses and mobile phones. A Passenger Assistance and Real-time Route and Orientation Tracking (PARROT) System. Background Typically in India, in various public modes of commutation including bus, ferry, taxies etc, the service providers canvasses the passengers by employing either an employee. These employees loudly announce the destination of the vehicle and various intermittent stops of the vehicle. He announces Next Stop also before arriving every stops for the inside passengers. These employees employed in buses are known as “cleaners”. In Kerala sometimes they are called as Kilis (kili means bird) as they are always tweets passenger information loudly all time in the bus on the go. That inspired us to choose the name bus parrot and leaded development of buspa

busparrot Founders Story

busparrot Founders Story Founder Details                      Chandran K                                                               Satheesh C “A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It's where the rich use public transportation”  – Gustavo Petro, Mayor of Bogotá “The vision of Digital India is to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy”  –  Modiji, PM of India Above two quotes and daily news on city traffic and pollution inspired me - Satheesh C and Chandran K - the founders of busparrot and lead to decided to work for the digital transformation of public transport. Our technology expertise helped us in saving lot of development fund. Even though it has taken few years of development time, we done everything our self with few employees and some tens of interns without much investment of money, but investment of own skill, time and brain. Challenges One major challenge we face

busparrot –Venture Story

Introduction busparrot is an ICT, IoT passenger information platform for the public transport industry helping bus passengers to move in public transport by making real time bus information available at bus stations, bus stops, buses and passenger mobile apps. The Problem One day breath in Delhi is equivalent to smoking fifty cigarettes! Traffic congestion and pollution are common problem faced by most cities and is going more worsen day to day. Odd-even like rules to solve the problem by promoting public transportation through the elimination of cars was largely unsuccessful and was counterproductive to the economic growth. Improved public transport infrastructure and its promotion is the only choice to solve this problem. Buses are the most common modes of public transport, but with zero passenger information infrastructures in bus stations, buses, and bus stops even in this digital era in many countries. Causes a lot of passengers avoids public transports