Why the ICT passenger information infrastructure indeed in this post Covid era

- Buses are the greenest mode of public transport, but the unfortunate Covid19 pulled down the public transport industry in to a very pathetic situation and the stakeholders and employees behind are in the verge of suicide

- Around 90% of public transport schedules are still in uncertainty and the bus passengers are struggling for bus information at the bus stations and the bus stops

- Lot of passengers chooses cars and bikes instead of public transports due to the lack of proper passenger information infrastructure

- Recent studies indicates that the increased use of private vehicles instead of public transports due to the pandemic led to a boom in traffic - 50% above pre-virus averages

- Zero public transport passenger information infrastructure even in this digital era is shame to our Digital India

- It clearly figure out the urgent need of some passenger information infrastructure in the post covid era for the rejuvenation  of the public transport industry

- Passenger information infrastructure offers easy public transport travelling, promoting public transports, attract more passengers to it and encourage the use of public transports.

Recent researches indicates that around 20% of city traffic can be reduced by introducing ICT passenger information infrastructure and can reduce pollution, fossil fuel consumption and accidents

We at busparrot, innovate and manufacture passenger information solutions for the public transport industry. Helping bus passengers by making real  time bus information available at bus stations, bus stops, buses and passenger mobile apps. For a better green mother earth. http://busparrot.com

"A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars, but it is where the rich uses public transports" - Mayor of Bogota.

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  1. The real time need has been put forward by busparrot. So pleased to see you accomplishing great things. All the Best 👍


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