busparrot Brand Story


In India, parrot is the symbol of talk, knowledge and prediction. The idea behind the logo and the brand story is a passenger information parrot, helping passengers at the bus stations, bus stops, buses and mobile phones. A Passenger Assistance and Real-time Route and Orientation Tracking (PARROT) System.


Typically in India, in various public modes of commutation including bus, ferry, taxies etc, the service providers canvasses the passengers by employing either an employee. These employees loudly announce the destination of the vehicle and various intermittent stops of the vehicle. He announces Next Stop also before arriving every stops for the inside passengers. These employees employed in buses are known as “cleaners”. In Kerala sometimes they are called as Kilis (kili means bird) as they are always tweets passenger information loudly all time in the bus on the go. That inspired us to choose the name bus parrot and leaded development of busparrot passenger information device for the buses.

The Logo

This logo is designed keeping in mind one of the brand’s most essential services of providing information on buses that runs through different locations and routes. The location map icon shaped as a parrot head, symbolizes how the app provides constant updates and information regarding buses, across all locations. The icon also signifies the accuracy of the information provided regarding bus stops and its routes

The Tag Line

This tagline "A bus traveller's pet" represents a friendly talking passenger information parrot pet helping tension free bus travelling at bus stations, bus stops, buses and mobiles. It initiates action and stamps the brand message in the minds of all the consumers.


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