busparrot Founders Story

busparrot Founders Story

Founder Details

                     Chandran K                                                              Satheesh C

“A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It's where the rich use public transportation” – Gustavo Petro, Mayor of Bogotá

“The vision of Digital India is to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy” – Modiji, PM of India

Above two quotes and daily news on city traffic and pollution inspired me - Satheesh C and Chandran K - the founders of busparrot and lead to decided to work for the digital transformation of public transport.

Our technology expertise helped us in saving lot of development fund. Even though it has taken few years of development time, we done everything our self with few employees and some tens of interns without much investment of money, but investment of own skill, time and brain.

One major challenge we faced was as lack of experience in marketing, branding and related fields. But the workshops, training programs and guidance from great mentors of IIMK LIVE helped us a lot in solving that part of our entrepreneurship. Especially Prof. Keyoor Purani’s valuable branding, marketing and other guidelines were incredible. Our logo and slogan was professor’s suggestion.

Lessons learnt
One important thing I studied from business is, even if you made a rocket to go to the mars, it is a waste if there is not enough user need.

In India, parrot is the symbol of talk, knowledge and prediction. The idea behind the logo and the brand story is the parrots helping passengers at the bus stations, bus stops, buses and mobile phones.


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